Al-Zintan branch of the Centre

The Biotechnology Research Centre in Zintan branch was established based on the Director-General of the Natural Science and Technology Research Authority resolution no. 10 in year 2020, and its considered to be one of the scientific institutions specialized in preparing scientific researches and studies in various fields and providing the best services to society and in solving problems in all educational and service sectors through research projects supported and supervised by the Authority.



Excellence in scientific researches to study problems and develop solutions on scientific basis and support development and innovation.



We seek to conduct scientific researches in all medical, agricultural and animal health fields to achieve the following goals:

  • Isolate pathogens and study their properties with the latest advanced techniques in molecular biology.
  • Manufacture of vaccines, serums and enthuses.
  • Study on collagists and modern techniques for their diagnosis and treatment.
  • Study sterilizing pathogens.
  • Conduct many research in agriculture, environment and other fields.