Warranty & Quality Office

Warranty & Quality Office Manger


Description on the responsibilities and tasks:

  • General management responsibilities and tasks:
  • Overseeing and organize the office and the staff’s work, follow-up, guide and evaluate their performance, and motivate them to healthy competition.
  • Prepare the draft budget of the office and a suggest an annual program of work. Identify the training needs for the office staff and of the Centre’s in the field of quality, and coordinate with the Office of Scientific Cooperation and Training that identifies the human needs to achieve the goals, and work on coordinating with competent bodies to provide it.
  • Overseeing and preparing a report on the competence of the staff and suggest a bonus to the distinct workers to motivate and nominate them for promotions according to the regulations of the Biotechnology Centre.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the office activity.
  • Other assigned tasks in relation to its specialization.

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